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Welcome to the Stormwater Permitting Online Reporting Page

Welcome to nFORM, the online system for DEQ’s Stormwater Permitting program. DEQ recommends nFORM as the preferred method for submitting Notices of Intent (NOIs) for coverage under our OKR05 Industrial Stormwater and OKR10 Construction Stormwater general permits. Submitting forms via nFORM is completely electronic, eliminating the need to mail or hand deliver items to DEQ. Use of nFORM ensures quicker processing time and response.
To access and submit an electronic form, click on the desired form name below. If you’re a new user, your first step will be to register for an account before you will be able to use these forms.

Currently nForm is only set up for submittal of OKR05 Industrial and OKR10 Construction NOIs. Check this page periodically, as we will be adding new form options in the future.

Just getting started?  Use our nFORM Application Guide specific to Stormwater Permitting to get started quickly.
Please note that not all of the existing OKR05 and OKR10 forms are available through this online system. Any OKR05 forms not listed below are located at this link. Any OKR10 forms not listed below are located at this link. In addition, if you prefer not to submit via our online system, you may also find downloadable versions of all existing OKR05 and OKR10 forms at the same links. The downloadable forms may be printed out and submitted via mailed hardcopy to the address listed on the form.
Our staff is happy to assist you with any questions or difficulties. To reach us, please use your preferred contact method from the options listed below.

Contact Information

Department of Environmental Quality
ECLS/Stormwater Permits Section
P.O.Box 1677
Oklahoma City, OK, 73101-1677

Department of Environmental Quality
707 N Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102
Contacts: Phone (Ask for a Stormwater Team Member): 405-702-6100 E-mail::

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